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What Makes Firefly Tutoring Unique?

Mona and Paul opened Firefly Tutoring in 2012, and know first-hand the needs of the community because they have experienced them.  They have 4 children of their own ranging from 2nd Grade to College-Age, who have all gone through

the Seattle public school system. This has helped them develop a particularly insightful perspective in understanding what scaffolding is needed to help each student thrive in our local schools.  Their expertise, warm hearts, genuine care for children and mission to spread a love of learning is apparent in Firefly’s high percentage of success stories.


Mona and Paul hire tutors who exhibit the same love of learning and care for the students, making the center a place of fun and community.  We're delighted to have such a wonderful team of dedicated tutors from a variety of backgrounds!


Jarrad Tutor.jpg


Head Math Tutor/Test Prep Advisor

Jarrad has been with Firefly for 6 years, with a Masters degree in Public Policy and Economics, and a Bachelor’s in Math and Finance from McAllister College. His creativity and special blend of inspirational and focused style has turned Jarrad into our most popular math tutor. Kids respond to his ability to describe mathematical concepts in a way that they can relate to, and many have grown from disliking math to excelling in it.  We are truly thankful to have Jarrad on our team!



Supervisor of Tutoring and Academic Operations/Reading/ELA

After growing up in Seattle, Isabel studied psychology at University of Montana and Central Oregon College. She has been working with kids in a classroom setting since 2015 as a lead pre-k and kindergarten teacher for much of that time. Isabel values learning about the unique thought patterns and perspectives of each child and believes these can all be strengths. Her passion for incorporating creativity into education has reportedly inspired purpose, meaning, excitement and joy into the lives of her students. In her free time, Isabel can be found diving into any number of crafty endeavors. Some of these include drawing (in sketchbooks or on rocks), collaging with vintage magazines, and exploring excerpts from poetic or informative texts. She will be continuing her studies in psychology, virtually, at Oregon State University.



Math/Language Arts

Sascha was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and has a great appreciation for the Pacific Northwest. Being the eldest of 5, Sascha is adept at engaging with kids and adapting to their needs and learning styles. Combining this with her passion for learning, Sascha works to ignite a similar level of excitement around academic advancement in every student. Sascha is an avid symphony bassoonist, and also plays the piano in her spare time. In addition to being a music-lover, Sascha is a “super nerd” and loves everything science fiction, especially superhero comics.



Math/Science/History/Test Prep

Nia is a Washington local from Sammamish and is currently a student at the University of Washington hoping to major in applied math. She feels that tutoring is an inspiring opportunity to actually make a difference with what she's learned so far. Nia hopes to show students that math doesn't have to be the stereotypical dreaded class in school. In her free time, she likes to go outside, play the piano, travel, or attend concerts!



All levels of  Mathematics/Test Prep

Briawna is currently a student at the University of Washington studying math. She has spent many years tutoring young people, which has been a constant source of inspiration for her. She loves how students all learn differently, and she often marvels at their creativity and quick problem-solving methods. 

Briawna believes that education is more than just academics; we learn skills that will help us navigate the world around us. When she's not studying or working, Briawna enjoys relaxing with tasty snacks and a movie or show. She also loves exploring her creative side through writing stories.

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More Information coming soon!



Math/Science/Test Prep

Alex is a student at the University of Washington studying informatics. He was born and raised in Washington and lived in Redmond before moving to Seattle, but has French-Canadian roots. Alex has been working with kids since has been able to work, from working at a trampoline park, to a summer camp counselor, and has been tutoring since he has been in college. In his free time, Alex likes to read, listen to music, write code, go to the gym, and bike around Seattle!



Spanish/Math/Language Arts/Test Prep

Penelope is a former immersion school student from JSIS, who has experience with the Seattle school curriculum because she went through it. As a current sophomore at MSU studying business marketing and economics, Penelope is excited to guide kids going through the same program she went through and help them thrive. In her free time, Penelope enjoys exploring and being active outdoors by hiking and running.



Math/Science/Language Arts

Will has a bachelor’s degree in studio art and art history and extensive post-baccalaureate work in geology and planetary science. He even worked with the Institute of Meteoritics (University of New Mexico) where he studied lunar and Martian geology and even briefly worked on the Curiosity Rover! He has been educating students of all ages for nearly a decade having worked as a tutor, museum educator, and GED instructor. Growing up, Will struggled with ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia, so he is deeply passionate about helping students navigate these and similar challenges to build self-efficiency and recognize their own potential. When he isn’t tutoring, Will can be found teaching youth swimming lessons and is a certified personal trainer. He also enjoys learning foreign languages, sports, reading about history and sociology, and experimenting with different artistic media.



Math/Language Arts/Sciences/Test Prep

Amina is a junior at the University of Washington where she is pursuing a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Amina loves working with students because they always teach her something new or bring a different perspective. She feels honored to be part of her students’ growth journeys as they overleap academic hurdles and scale to new heights. Amina has a great passion for languages and would love to travel the world someday.



Language Arts/Early Math/History/Test Prep

Aidan was born and raised in the Seattle area and has recently graduated from the University of Washington with a major in history and a minor in linguistics. At UW, Aidan has developed lots of experience with critical reading and essay writing which he is excited to share with young learners! Recently, Aidan has also gained teaching experience as a theatre instructor for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Aidan is dedicated to helping young people develop confidence in their literary abilities as a means of unlocking each student’s unique and important voice. In his free time, Aidan enjoys creative writing and performing improv comedy. He believes the Seattle Mariners are the greatest team in the history of baseball.



Office Manager

Currently a student at Seattle Central majoring in Business Management, Kaela has years of experience doing administrative work as well as working with children from infants to 12 years of age. Kae also has a toddler of her own, which gives her a parental perspective and a passion for what we do at Firefly! She looks forward to putting her creative and organizational strengths to use in order to improve and run Firefly efficiently. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and self care activities like mediation, yoga, reading, etc.


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